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Rambo and John McLean will be in Call of Duty

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Two of the 80’s biggest action stars, Sylvester Stallone And Bruce Willis ended up acting together for the first time only in 2010, in the movie The Expendables. Now, two of the most famous characters that the actors have played on the same screen will be in all of the current titles in the franchise Call of duty. The “80s Action Heroes” event brings together Rambo And John McLean, starting May 20. Check out the trailer:

Unlike the recent CoD action that brought characters from “The Chainsaw Massacre” and “Deadly Games” to a Halloween event, Rambo and McLane won’t be Skins. Both characters arrive as unprecedented players in three titles in the series: ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’, ‘Black Ops Cold War’ and ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’.

Media fame

Rambo can be purchased in the bundle of the same name at Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War stores. The content, in addition to the legendary player, combines two final strokes, one of which is the famous bow and arrow; Three legendary weapon designs (assault rifle, ML and knife).

This ‘Die Hard’ package includes John McClane in ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ and ‘Black Ops Cold War’. Legendary Launcher comes with Final Strike and Legendary Weapon designs (Tactical Rifle, SMT, and Assault Rifle).

Both Character Packs also include a Legendary Business Card, Logo, Epic Watch, and Epic Weapon Necklace. Content can be purchased in stores from 1 AM on May 20 and is available until 1 AM on June 19.

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In the case of “Call of Duty: Mobile”, the two characters will also be available in bundles from the in-game store, which can be used in multiplayer and Battle royale.

An intriguing aspect of the promotion of “Action Heroes of the 80s” is that Activision has not revealed the appearance of the character John McClane, unlike Rambo, who is widely used in promotional materials. I wonder why?

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Iconic settings

In Warzone, the Verdasnk map will include some special changes during the event. Most symbolic is the Nakatomy Plaza Building, from Douro de Matar, which has replaced the transmission tower and the other buildings around it. The build of the film will have optional thematic tasks, which can be carried out in the loot and Battle royale.

In “Duro de Matar”, Nakatomy Plaza will be integrated into the game scene during the event. Credit: Activision / Disclosure

Another addition to Verdasnik’s landscape are ten survival camps in honor of “Rambo II”. At these points, players will be able to purchase more powerful weapons and signs than previous soldiers. Additionally, one of the hangars in northwest Verdansk will, during this period, be converted into a CIA outpost so that agents can organize themselves and track down Rambo.

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