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Rania threw a wonderful party for her daughter-in-law, Rajawa

The wonderful ceremony was given by Rania, her daughter-in-law, Rajawa, who could not hold back her tears
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Tradition, joy and passion marked the henna night, the splendid party that frog offered to the future daughter-in-law, please, Which was held before the wedding and which gathered only women, family members and representatives from different parts of the country, at Zahran Palace in Amman.

After two weeks of walking down the aisle with the heir to the throne, Prince Hussein Al-Urdani, Rajawa Al-Saif was titled The Night of Henna, a celebration held by the mother of the groom, which was attended by about 600 women, some of them from the family, like princesses. magnet that it Selmaher future sisters-in-law, where they sang, danced, and painted traditional body painting.

It was the Queen herself who shared on her Instagram a set of wonderful photos in which to see some moments of that magical night full of tradition and symbolism.

Rania, who chose a blue abaya decorated with rhinestones, and her daughter-in-law, who, according to Islamic tradition, wore a gorgeous ivory dress embroidered with gold and an Arabic veil, were the heroines of some special moments. . Rajawa could not hide her emotions when she heard the kind words that the groom’s mother gave him at this party, which turned out to be a kind of bachelorette party, which indicates entering a new world and new responsibilities.

“I am so happy that you can all be here to celebrate with us. Today is a special day for all members of the Jordanian family: our joy is the same, near or far, and today you are all in our hearts,” Said Rania, Queen of Jordan. “Finally, I have a daughter-in-law. Al-Rajawa is my hope before God for Prince Hussein. Hussein is my first joy, my eldest son, and I have always dreamed of seeing him betrothed.”Rania added. The Queen of Jordan also admitted that Rajawa is “The sweetest and most beautiful bride” who considers her another daughter. I will never forget the joy His Majesty felt when Hussain told us that he wanted to marry Rajawa. It is the perfect answer to all my prayers for him. May they always be a source of happiness and support for each other. Concluded, visibly happy and moved.

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It is noteworthy that the ceremony, which will be held on the first of June in Amman, will be attended by various personalities from the kings of the world, such as honorary kings, Juan Carlos that it Sophia From Spain, Kings William that it Maximum From Holland with her eldest daughter, Princess Amaliaprinces Frederick that it Marie Denmark, Princess victory that it Daniel Sweden, Prince Hakon From Norway, among other countries.

Check out the cool photos from the party!

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