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RansomEXX hacker claims attack on Sonae and reveals 27 GB of company data

RansomEXX hacker claims attack on Sonae and reveals 27 GB of company data

On March 30, Continente owner Sonae MC, Was a victim of a computer attack. A week later, the Continente Online and Continente Card app, whose operation was affected, were restored. Although Sonae MC claims that there is no evidence that Customer’s personal data has been hackedThe hackers from the RansomEXX group, who claimed the attack, have already begun exposing the company’s information online.

sincere advance that The hacker group, known to run the RansomEXX ransomware, exposed 56 files on the Dark Web, equivalent to 27 gigabytes of Sonae data.

Apparently, the information in the files is not about customers, but about the business of the company, having been extracted from the systems that support the Continente site and card, as well as from the Wells website. According to screenshots shared by hackers, the data appears to refer to inventories of products for sale.

At the moment, the owner of Continente is not confirming if it has been attacked by ransomware or if it has received any kind of ransom request. The company also does not express itself regarding the hackers’ claim.

It should be noted that, today, Sonae MC indicated in a statement that once the Continente website and its card application are restored, “it is now possible to purchase online, consult and use the balance; view, redeem and use coupons and advise on movements, benefits, associated brands, and information about stores And also benefit from the book of stamps.”

Sonae MC hopes that “the remaining services of the Cartão Continente app will be available soon: transaction refunds; Continente Pay and new subscriptions to the app.” The company also stressed that it was “working with national and international authorities to identify and punish those responsible for this criminal act.”

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