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The Lyubomir Stanisic Scolding: Reporting Stress and Abuse Behind the Scenes.  "Cries keep going" - topical

Raphael Ribeiro has been fired from “Hell’s Kitchen” and complains about the pressure: “It was unbearable” – Nacional

Raphael Ribeiro, 20, the cook who came from Loris was the last cook fired from “Hell’s Kitchen,” but is forbidden to know what the experience was like.

Competitors are forbidden under contract with Leo’s clauses, To make statements about the content of the program, at the risk of imposing heavy fines, as happened with pre-season arrangements, such as “Married at First Sight” or “Who Wants to Date with the Farmer?”

The contestant’s friend and former schoolmate exclusively reported TV Guia what he heard from his mouth and broke all the dishes. “Raphael was really excited when he got to the episode he left. He was no longer suited to some of the things that were happening there.”He advanced, explaining what the chef’s complaints were: “There were unpleasant comments and less good trends from Chef Lubomer that were just aimed at destabilizing and hurting competitors. People go there to show that they know how to cook, and are not psychologically affected and weakened, just for the sake of making a fresher program.. “

When asked if Raphael Ribeiro was crying in front of him at home away from the cameras, his childhood friend replied:He didn’t cry at home, but he apologized to us for crying on the show and explained how he felt: “ I let go of those tears because I felt so relieved. I know the kitchen is a pressure place, but that was just unbearable.For “.

Screaming old fashion

The former rival also captivated his friend what he had in mind about Lyubomir and his stand in the kitchen to attract the crowd. “There has to be pressure in the kitchen. Mistakes, everyone makes it. Now that attitude of constant screaming, of cooks hitting subordinates or on worktops or constantly sending mouths to them is a scene from French cuisine from 30 years ago. I am now not a cook, but Raphael assures me that the service in kitchens today is tense, but it is more civilized, and nothing of the sort, “he concludes.

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In addition to the tougher attitudes of Chef Leobo at Hell’s Kitchen, Raphael told his friend that it was hard for him to survive in the relationship with his competition mates. “Raphael told me the production was amazing, but day by day, the Picardies grew among his peers and the people became increasingly frustrated. There was nothing to say. There was no disagreement with the chef. Nobody could have an opinion. Raphael says he felt people were They began to unload the burden on his colleagues, as there were extremely cold and competitive personalities which led to a deterioration in relations.