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Raquel Prats and Joao Murillo released a statement about the breakup: 'Love isn't over yet, but it's no longer infinite'

Raquel Prats and Joao Murillo released a statement about the breakup: ‘Love isn’t over yet, but it’s no longer infinite’

It was I got it first from the magazine facesand now confirmed by the spouses themselves. Raquel Pratts And the joao Murillo The separation, after 20 years of married life, assumes 16 as husband and wife. On this Thursday, June 9, the businesswoman and painter made a statement detailing the end of the relationship.

“I don’t want our love to be eternal,” said Vinicius de Moraes, “but it is unlimited as long as it lasts.” We hereby declare that our love is not yet over, but is no longer infinite.‘, can be read at the beginning of the message the two shared, which was also provided by the magazine faces.

There have been nearly twenty years in which we have been everything to each other, and where we have been so happy and with extraordinary complicity, that we have gone through the most beautiful things of common growth and a path we go hand in hand. All the sharpness we always put into everything we did together He was both fading and sad‘, they point out.

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So we come to the conclusion that by mutual agreement we have decided to divorce. We are not angry, we are sadSupposedly. “We believe it is time for everyone to go their own way and rebuild themselves, with the freedom we deserve and the will to be more and better. We ask for respect and humility. This decision wasn’t easy, it was made based on that.” We only wish the necessary silence to those who want to start overThey still resume.

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We thank everyone who has always loved us and made a great contribution in many situations. Since we have nothing to add, we ask again only that you respect our decision. The future belongs to God, the present we choose now is our responsibility and we will do our best to make it go well for both of us.‘, they concluded.