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Raquel Rosario, the "ex" of Fernando Alonso, saves his son from a puma attack

Raquel Rosario, the “ex” of Fernando Alonso, saves his son from a puma attack

a Singer Raquel del Rosario, the ex-wife of pilot Fernando Alonso, revealed on her Instagram page that she saved her youngest son from a Puma attack.

On Sunday, October 17, the artist decided to share this episode with the world, which was held on August 26.

Raquel del Rosario said the five-year-old boy went to the backyard to pick fruit. “The scream I heard seconds later still echoed in my head, as was the image I saw when I turned,” he exclaimed.

The cougar pounced on him and attacked him fiercely with his claws. […] Even today I cannot understand how I crossed the garden in milliseconds or where the force came from, causing me to repeatedly hit the animal with my fist until it came out,” he said.

With the help of their current partner, Pedro Castro, who showed up shortly after, “they managed to get home without further incident, told the neighbors and headed to the hospital.”

In the same post, he also highlighted the words of the doctor who treated his son: “A few more millimeters and I wouldn’t have made it.”

He later admitted, “My heart broke when I saw him come out of surgery. All the forces that invaded me that morning vanished, leaving me completely helpless in the face of pain I was completely unaware of. Fear seized me.”

“If someone had told me at that moment, seeing my condition, that after three days he would run out of the hospital, I would not have believed it. He added, quoting the boy’s words.

“We’ve been through these weeks with this pain, feeling and accepting, without running away from it. And he’s turned back to nature, which is as unpredictable as a wild animal or a volcano eruption, but recovering and magical at the same time,” he continued.

In another post, he said that when they returned home from the hospital in the neighborhood, there were various media, and they also received several “messages from neighbors, gifts and food.”

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In addition, Raquel del Rosario also said that on the day of the accident, when she returned home to “take some things to the hospital,” she spoke to authorities who “found the cougar still in her garden.”

“They were forced to kill him. We would have preferred, and I know they would, that the outcome regarding the animal was different, but that decision was not up to us,” he added.

“From the window, I watched the other puma, his brother, returning to the garden with his mother. She placed herself beside her dead son’s body, and we exchanged a look of pain I will never forget (you can’t imagine the dreams I was with.) She left the house with a broken heart and endlessly confused feelings. Her about everything that happened, but at that moment all I could think about was protecting Liu [filho mais velho] And to be close to Mile, the eternal and irreplaceable animal lover.”

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