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Rayo Vallecano fans complain: “It is a shame, as if we are living in the last century.”

Rayo Vallecano fans complain: “It is a shame, as if we are living in the last century.”

Rayo Vallecano is the only team in La Liga that does not sell tickets online. Fans, still pointing fingers at the dilapidated state of the stadium, begin queuing at the ticket office at 4 a.m.

Rayo Vallecano, owned by Miguel Crespo and Pepe, are not having a good moment on the pitch – they have won just one match in the last 14 rounds of La Liga – which has led to a change of coach, with Inigo Pérez replacing Francisco Rodriguez. . However, off the field the scenario is not much better.

Officially: Rayo Vallecano has a new coach

Iñigo Pérez takes over the technical leadership of the main team

a Brand This Saturday delves deeper into the topic, presenting testimonies from fans of the Spanish club who have pointed the finger at the management not only for the results, but also for the poor condition of the stadium and the “almost abandonment of the official store”, which looks more like “a warehouse with scattered boxes”. Everywhere”. The condition of the outside of the stadium is equally dire, as it appears to have not been cleaned in months.

“The stadium is collapsing. It has not been improved for a long time. “The last renovation was a four-door that took two years to install,” one fan said, citing a fan. Brand.

“The stadium is abandoned and we have to build a new stadium, but in Vallecas. Another pointed out that I do not agree with building one outside Madrid.

Rayo Vallecano, which hosts Real Madrid in the 25th round of La Liga, is the only club in La Liga that does not sell tickets online: “It's a shame, it's like living in the last century. When we informed the club on X that tickets would go on sale, three days before the match against Real Madrid, we came here at four in the morning. “We've been here for seven hours.” The club usually sends out notice of ticket sales… only one day before matches.

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Only two employees work at the ticket office. “The waiting list moves very slowly. “We waited five hours and will wait a few more,” explained one fan who arrived at the stadium at 5 a.m. “When the season tickets were issued, we waited here all night, and camped outside. In the street.”