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Readout of the decision of the operation investigating the death of Sara Carrera, scheduled for March 27 – Portugal

Helpful discussion about the process of the accident that took Sara Carrera’s life, in December 2020, begins on Thursday.

Fado singer Cristina Branco, who is accused, along with actor Evo Lucas, of negligent homicide, will give statements.

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Updated March 16, 2023 | 13:26

“The Vice was simply a miserable conclusion”: Tony Carrera

Tony Carrera, leaving the court, considered that “the deputy has a simply miserable summary” of the accident that took the life of the singer’s daughter, Sarah Carrera.

“I’m just here to listen, I don’t feel revenge, I’m just here to understand. I owe it to the memory of my daughter. I won’t condemn anyone, that’s what justice does, if that’s the case.”

The decision read on March 27

The decision was scheduled to be read on March 27 at 2 p.m.

Evo Lucas’ lawyer blames Paulo Neves for the accident

Evo Lucas’ lawyer said he had “serious doubts” that “any criminal attribution” to Paulo Neves had been ruled out. “Anyone would say that driving with 1.36 alcohol caused everything,” he said.

“Causal link is again the main issue in the process. If Cristina can’t avoid a clash, Ivo can’t either. Plus, there’s a second clash after that,” he added.

The lawyer asked Ivo not to charge him with first degree murder.

Paolo Neves’ lawyer defends the lack of facts

Paulo Neves’ lawyer defends that “no negligent homicide facts remain”

Thiago Pacheco’s lawyer believes the judge will ‘do justice’

The lawyer asks not to prosecute Christina either for the crime or for the violation of the ordinances

Cristina Branco’s lawyer requested that the fado singer not be prosecuted either for the crime or against the decree. He argued that Paulo Neves “provoked the first clash” and that “he alone can be blamed for the end result, which is Sarah’s death”.

Christina Branco’s Defense Claims Fado Singer ‘Assumes No Responsibility’

Regarding the GNR’s report stating there were no brake marks immediately, Cristina Branco’s attorney claims that, because “the car has ABS, there are no brake marks on the tarmac.” “She has no responsibility whatsoever, and she could have done nothing else,” he added.

Cristina Branco’s lawyer defends: “She couldn’t adjust his speed to that driver’s speed”

“The first collision occurred because the speed was below the minimum limit. She could not adjust his speed to that of this driver,” said Magni Fado’s lawyer.

Cristina Branco’s lawyer begins to speak

Cristina Branco’s lawyer considers that the fado singer “fulfilled all criteria.” Tractor is handled quickly [o Paulo Neves]”, He said.

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He added that “the speed was imperceptible, there were no signals, and the flashing lights were not working. Minimal turns to avoid collisions. He was drunk after four hours of alcohol.”

“It was a gross negligence on the part of Paulo Neves,” considers Magalhães e Silva

Magalhães e Silva believes that both Paulo Neves and Cristina Branco should have placed the triangle in what could be a “double reference to the incident”. “Actually, no one put the triangle. That was gross negligence on the part of Neves,” he added.

The representative of Sarah’s parents insists on the criminal liability of Paulo Neves

Magalhães e Silva, representative of Sara Carrera’s parents, insists on the criminal responsibility of Paulo Neves, stating that “the murder must be in gross form and not by negligence.” He says that Neves’ behavior was the cause of the accident.

Magalhaes e Silva said: “Paolo Neves should have signaled his presence. He was 80 meters away from the fado singer. This gave general illumination to a double referential danger. It was him and the behavior he was taking.” He added, “From how fast he goes and then not to put the triangle, that’s the bet.”

The deputy understands that the accusation must continue

The public prosecutor claims that Thiago Pacheco and Paulo Neves can be charged with “dangerous driving”. The deputy understands that the indictment and the accused must be preserved as soon as they arrive.

“Evo Lucas has no chance of being excluded from this incident as the main culprit,” considered the deputy

The Prosecutor claims that the correlation and causation that exists between Paolo Neves’ speed and Cristina’s collision, the main reason being the speed followed by Neves.

“The question is to find out the causal relationship between Neves’ speed and the Evo Lucas collision, which is the final result.” There is a break in the causal link. But Christina masters the fact that leads to the first collision, excessive speed, ”said the prosecutor on behalf of the deputy.

“Evo Lucas has no chance of being excluded from this accident as the main culprit. The fado singer has a share of the responsibility. Evo was going at 130 km/h, at a speed beyond the limits. A wall in the middle of the road,” he added.

Attorney maintains negligent and against warrant homicide charge against Cristina Branco

The public prosecutor stated that “the engagement may have been motivated” and that she ” [fadista] He was running cruise control.”

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He added, “I do not see the possibility of attributing another crime to her. I believe that the possibility of putting a triangle does not exist. The deputy maintains the killing due to negligence and administrative violations as well.”

“You have to do defensive driving,” says the prosecutor regarding Cristina Branco.

The Prosecutor stated that problems of interpretation begin with an analysis of the speeds traveled by Paulo Neves and Cristina Branco.

“I didn’t see any car in front of Cristina in the accident photos, only Paolo Neves. The issue of speed was raised, since he couldn’t stop the car before the collision. If the speed wasn’t excessive he could avoid it. Collision. No, I was expecting a car 28 km away, but it can For that to happen. You have to drive defensively, the other car could crash. The other car was visible from 400 meters away, and you could see it. But the floor was wet,” the prosecutor added.

The attorney general for the deputy continues the allegations

“Paolo Neves has absolutely incredible behavior. Traveling on the highway at 28 kilometers per hour. He can cause a brutal chain accident. He never reaches the minimum speed for a turn on the highway. Christina sums up that he drove 108 kilometers in It does not seem to me that it escaped reality, the differential speed of 80 kilometers per hour between the two cars was as if they had hit a wall, ”said the public prosecutor.

The Attorney General states that “the problem of causation between behaviors and outcomes is the most important issue.”

The Public Prosecution said, “The deputy has positions that may be subject to criticism. These are the positions that I will take, derived from my thoughts and my impartial conscience.”

“The problem of causation between behaviors and outcomes is the most important issue,” he added.

The deputy says that the behavior under discussion provides for the crime and against the law

“By separating, there may be different decisions, and in the event of conviction for a crime, this will result in a waiver of the administrative offence,” the deputy said.

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morning mail

A former boyfriend of the fado singer reported Cristina Branco’s phone call to her son

“Later [Cristina Branco] The eldest son who was with me calls that the second incident has already occurred. You can hardly speak. She handed the phone to her daughter, Margarida, who also started crying. It was only on the second phone call that I realized they were on the central tab [e não na berma]Added the former companion of the fado singer.

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Nuno Rocha Watch Cristina Branco

“Christina called me from the girl’s phone, everything was so messed up. She said she had just entered the A1 in Santarem. There was blood on her nose but it was OK. Everything was very fast, the point was to call 112. I called, when I try to describe The place I realized they were really asking for help,” said Nuno Rocha.

Nuno Azevedo Rocha will make remarks

Composer Nuno Rocha, former partner of Cristina Branco, will now make a statement.

11:14 | 03/16

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Fadista claims that the car collided with another car, which was tipped over

“I saw two red lights right in front of me, just before the accident happened, I don’t know if it was presence or brakes. There is a car going to hit the car that has overturned,” Christina White said.

11:13 | 03/16

morning mail

Cristina Branco did not put the triangle to indicate an accident

“Under the circumstances, I couldn’t indicate that the accident had occurred. If you put a triangle behind it, it wouldn’t work,” Cristina Branco said.

11:06 | 03/16

morning mail

Fadista talks about the moment before the second game

“My car stayed in the center lane. Cars passed on both sides. Both lanes were free. I’m sure I braked. I put my right hand on my daughter’s chest. Imagine I hit the wall and the car spins,” Cristina Branco said. The mother’s instinct was to take her daughter and run. She stayed. To protect her, and I wouldn’t leave her there on her own. I have no idea how much time passed, it seemed like hours until the next meltdown.”

10:54 | 03/16

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Fado singer Christina Branco describes the incident

Fado singer Cristina Branco has stated that she does not remember part of the incident. “I passed the Santarem gate and the next moment it was the collision,” he said.

“I’m on the phone at 112, and I grab my daughter and she says the car is going to crash. I’m driving intently, I’m turning on the system, I see some lights, I brake, and the crash happens. There was blood on my face.”

10:44 | 03/16

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Sara Carrera’s parents arrive at the court

Sara Carrera’s parents are already in Santarém court.