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Real déjà vu.  How Francesca’s dresses reflect inspiration from Meghan Markle – NiT

Real déjà vu. How Francesca’s dresses reflect inspiration from Meghan Markle – NiT

Real déjà vu. How Francesca’s dresses reflect inspiration from Meghan Markle

Infanta chose two designs, one for the ceremony and one for the reception. It seems we’ve seen the silhouettes before.

In 2018, the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding dress, Meghan Markle, became one of the most talked-about designs of the year. The value of the silk piece, created by the creative director of Givenchy, Clare Waight Keller, was estimated at approximately 226 thousand euros. Simple and with a boat neckline, it instantly entered the annals of bridal fashion history.

Later, Prince Harry’s bride wore another simple piece designed by designer Stella McCartney. During the reception, she wore a sleeveless outfit, but with a halter pulled up to the neck. A popular option like the first.

Five years later, we’re talking about both pieces again. We know that they have inspired many brides (and not only) around the world. It seems that Maria Francisca was no exception. Whether at the religious ceremony held at the Basilica of the Mafra Monastery, on Saturday, October 7, or at the reception held later at the family farm, the Infanta also chose dresses similar to those in the pieces worn by the former American actress.

At first glance, the model chosen for the Mass was immediately reminiscent of the neckline of Letizia of Spain, due to the V-shaped cut. However, if we look closely at the rest of the model, we realize that the proposal has a lot in common with Meghan’s drawing. The boat neckline was one of the exceptions.

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The big difference is in the neckline.

Like the Duchess of Sussex, Maria Francisca also chose a casual dress without any embroidery and with three-quarter length sleeves. The silhouette is also reminiscent of Markle’s iconic piece, with a more robust design and a very similar fit across the chest. The dress’s lines run almost straight to the hem area, opening only slightly at the bottom.

Because details are important, the bracelet they both wore on their arms – the baby girl’s bracelet belonged to Dr. Amelia and loaned by a friend who owns an antiques store – as well as the pointy-toe open-back shoes. It was not very high, as other comparisons have been made. The flowers are completely white in both bouquets and are very similar.

As for the glass of water, there is no doubt about inspiration. As NiT has already told you, the young woman was surprised by a light and sexy design almost identical to Meghan’s. Either way, the highlight of the dress is the halter neckline, which forms a kind of necklace, and Maria Francisca covered the area with diamonds. The shoulder area was the highlight of both models.

Discover the differences.

Both dresses were designed for the daughter of the Dukes of Bragança by seamstress Luzia do Nascimento, who worked for the Bragança family for more than two decades. No one knew about the engagement yet when Luzia agreed to create the two models. “I know her style very well, and I know what she likes to wear, so my mind went into action immediately,” she told NiT, stressing that she has complete creative freedom to follow her instinct.

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The seamstress worked on the pieces with her niece, Catarina, in the atelier she owned in Chiado, Lisbon. If we are precise, it is on Rua Ferragial. It took about a month and a half to create “this very special dress.” “I started and finished without any breaks,” he asserts. “They’re not my favorite dresses, but this bride is very special,” he admits.

Take advantage of this opportunity and click on the gallery to see more photos of Maria Francisca’s first wedding dress.

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