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Real Madrid - Chelsea (2-3) - Cheat sheet: This is no longer a miracle, how do you know it?

Real Madrid – Chelsea (2-3) – Cheat sheet: This is no longer a miracle, how do you know it?

Game: Real on the ropes, a unique evening

This is a game that transcends common sense. Because Chelsea signed in the right game, but the Blues could not see the Champions League quarter-finals. Mistake in the first leg (1-3) of course, but above all in a short but adequate awareness … from the 80th minute. Nevertheless, Chelsea excelled in everything: infinite commitment, fights with systematic pressure and leaving the eternity of 3-4-3, in the middle of the tenure of Ruben Loftus-cheek. A change that completely disrupted the defensive alignment of the Spaniards.

Champions League

Bernabeu, Another Eternal Night: “Against PSG, It Gives You Goosepumps”

8 hours ago

Unable to pull themselves out of the transformed blues, Merengus, who was considered extinct for a long time, did not shoot towards the goal once in the first period, the first time in more than 20 years on home soil in the Champions League. Faced with such an accurate and well-prepared nest, it took two exploits from Motric and Benzema. The story is once again known even though it appears to be untrue and impossible. The end of a rare intense game saw several match points follow each other. KB9 has replaced him. What evening, what evening!

Players: Conte is in pain

Luca Motrich and Karim Benzema once again stunned Santiago-Bernabeu. The first raised his team to a fantastic pass, the second sent his people halfway through his 7th goal in three C1 matches. N’Golo Kanté, who scored two goals for Real Madrid, was definitely not on his plate this season when Diego Silva had a fever at worst. However, his friend, Antonio Rudiger, led the way with his anger and boundless dedication. In vain.

Benzema, Conte, Kemawinka: How the French Tilted the Game

X Factor: Carlo Ancelotti

He never panicked. Even when his team was really sinking, the Italian technician showed rare calm by tilting the balance of power with his changes. Eduardo Camavinga, who wrote a decisive comeback in the 73rd minute, came into the game four minutes later when Rodrigo revived the Real team completely with a goal of hope, allowing his side to top the midfield again.

Statistics: 10 out of 12

Do not look for the king of competition. True governance. Thanks to this qualification, the Madrid people would have played in 10 of the last twelve semi-finals of the Champions League. No one does better.

Tekla: Nacho

It duck me like every time you enjoy a night like this at the Bernabeu. This is Real Madrid.

Question: Can Real Go All Way?

How can they escape again? Eliminated in the 75th minute of the match against PSG and Chelsea, the Madrid people are still there. It’s a miracle in terms of this one – way quarter final, like the 8th final in 150 minutes. But the important thing is elsewhere: Unlike Bayern Munich, Real Madrid are in the semi-finals of the Champions League, although they dominate against Villarreal this Tuesday.

Karim Benzema, who scored against Chelsea, qualified for Real Madrid in the semi-finals.

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Real knows how to manage its weakest moments better than others but, above all, improves its features. It didn’t take much against Chelsea. But a madness outside of Modric’s legs and a new Vinicius-Benzema combination was enough to keep the Spanish players happy. Along with the exploits of Cordois and the silence of the insensitive Carlo Ancelotti you get a recipe for a new heroism.

But can Real always come out through the mouse hole? The record is tempting to say happy, but when it is repeated, is it still a miracle? In the not-too-distant past, Real not only shone the brilliance of its uniqueness but also often strayed from it. Real has also won the Champions League. It’s not an achievement anymore, it’s a trademark, a talent. So Cristiano Ronaldo is no more. But Kareem Benzema was never strong.

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Another header: Benzema’s goal to send Madrid to the semi-finals in the video

9 hours ago

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