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Realme MagDart: Incredible Magnetic Charging Technology [vídeo]

Realme MagDart: Incredible Magnetic Charging Technology [vídeo]

Realme is one of the fastest growing cost/benefit smartphone brands since it hit the market in 2018. It is a sub-brand of OPPO, like OnePlus, which has raised the bar in many market segments. cell phone.

Take, for example, the company’s new wireless charging solution, the MagDart System, which promises faster wireless charging than current solutions. It will be official tomorrow (3) with the Realme Flash smartphone, but we can already see it on the video.

It should be noted that both the smartphone – Realme Flash – and the wireless charging system – Realme MagDart will be presented together tomorrow. However, we can already see the capabilities of the new fast charging system.

Realme MagDart solution shown in video

The video – written by the post XDA Developers – shows us the same equipment (hardware) of the fan-equipped charger, as well as the smartphone in question. Thus, we can see how the phone recognizes the base charge, its operation and the method of operation.

Concretely, we see a demo of Realme Flash smartphone charging from 18% charges up to 25% in just 3 minutes Thanks to the Realme MagDart system. It’s a strong testament to the capabilities of this new implementation of wireless charging.

We can hear a “click” as soon as it touches the smartphone and recognizes the charger that starts the charging process. Likewise, we’ve also heard that the fan built into the charging base kicks in to ensure better performance while wireless charging is in progress.

The fastest wireless charging system

Additionally, we can see, in the image above, some details about the respective payload speeds and specifications. From his explanation we can infer a little beyond polite conjecture to suggest using two batteries in a smartphone in order to speed up charging.

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Finally, we remind you that Realme promises a charging system that is 4.4 times faster than Apple’s MagSafe. If so, it will be a new technology that has the potential to improve our lives by simplifying this mundane and still time-consuming task.

Realme will officially present this platform and the new smartphone tomorrow (3).

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