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Reasons why some people were fired by WWE

Reasons why some people were fired by WWE

Yesterday was marked by the news of several fighters being fired from WWE existingAmong them are names like Dolph Ziggler and Mustafa Ali.

WWE has laid off more than 100 employees as a result of the merger between the company and the UFC, with the formation of TKO Group Holdings.

According to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Mustafa Ali’s contract was set to expire in the spring or summer of next year, but he ended up being fired.

NXT sources were unaware of Mustafa Ali’s impending departure, so the fighter was gaining a lot of fame in Brand He would fight for the NXT North American Championship at No Mercy on September 30.

It was also said that Mustafa Ali suffered an injury that made his journey in NXT possible.

Elias hasn’t been on WWE programming since May, but he was providing ideas until a month ago.

Riddick Moss, in turn, has been described as one of Paul Heyman’s favorites. He thought he could take it to a level The main eventAlthough this trust was not shared by other members of WWE, which led to his departure.

Moreover, the journalist stated that Dolph Ziggler’s contract with WWE will extend until next summer, as the former world champion had wanted to leave the company a few years ago, but was convinced to stay.

Aaliyah was no surprise to any WWE employee, as everyone expected her name to be on the dismissal list.

What is your analysis of these reasons?