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Rebel Wilson recalls sexual harassment on set: 'He called me into the room and dropped his pants'

Rebel Wilson recalls sexual harassment on set: ‘He called me into the room and dropped his pants’

Rebel Wilson was a cover magazine Persons He remembers an episode of sexual harassment that happened when he was in he sat who describes how ‘Terrible and disgusting’.

According to the actress, a few years ago, a starlet – she did not reveal his name – harassed her and displayed his private organs. “He called me into a room and dropped his pants.”He recalls, adding that, in front of his friends, he was asked to do a lewd act. “It was horrible and disgusting. And all the behavior after that”lamented.

Rebel explains that the episode happened before the #MeToo movement, where actresses came together to denounce the wave of sexual harassment in Hollywood. They tried to destroy me and my career. If this happened after #MeToo, I could have wiped them out.”He said.

As a lawyer, I take notes. I called my representative. I have a few things to write about what happened. Certainly, among industry circles, I made sure people knew what happened.”, It is to explain. In addition to being an actress, Rebel is also a law graduate.

The reaction before and now will be different

“Why were you in this position… with that terrible man?”, Asked. He added: “I should have left. Not worth it or not worth it. But at the same time, I was like, ‘Okay, do the right thing, be professional and finish the movie.’ Now I would never do that.”

After she lodged a complaint with her representative, the 42-year-old actress found out that she was the fourth person to complain about the man’s behaviour. “If it happens again, I will probably defend myself more just for the courage that other women have now given me the opportunity to.”shaded.

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