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Record news: Lille will take full payment of Rafael Leao’s debt to Sporting – Sporting

The French club will spend 20.3 million euros

The huge series surrounding the future of Rafael Leão appears to be coming to an end. After the Spanish and Italian press announced an agreement between the player and Milan to renew the contract that expires in 2024, register It found that the resolution of the impasse was largely due to the fact that Lille would take full payment of the debt Leão had with Sporting, after unilaterally terminating the contract following the conquest of the academy, in 2018. It would be up to the French club, who signed the striker after his departure from Alvaladi, disbursed 20.3 million euros (16.5 million euros in initial compensation, plus 3.8 million euros in interest), after an appeal after the decision was rejected, last year, by the Swiss Federal Court for his sentencing To be joint and separate with the player in this debt.

This agreement, in addition to paving the way for the continuation to Milan, might also allow the Portuguese not to own them Part of the promised salary. The latter decision will be appealed, so the attacker will have to wait until the process is completed to be compensated by Lille for the amount paid to Sporting.

As for the renewal, according to the Italian press, Leão will become one of the highest paid in the Rossoneri squad, with an annual salary of around 5 million euros clean.

After his brilliance with two goals in the defeat (4-0) at home to leaders Napoli, Rafael Leao doubts today’s match against Lecce, due to physical problems. In the preview, Pioli spoke about the Portuguese winger. “The important thing is that he returned to play with a smile on his face. You don’t have to worry. He went through a difficult period, as did the whole team. He has a lot of quality and I feel bad when he doesn’t make moves that give him chances, because that’s what we want from him,” said the Milan coach.

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