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Icelandic series 'Katla' unites science and folklore

“Red Alert” mixes comedy and action with three enviable actors

When Netflix launches Monsters without a nation, the service’s first original and exclusive movie, no one knew how the streaming platform would function in this strange universe. Until then, it was just a tech company that took a risk first in a few chains. However, from 2015 until now, a lot has changed: Netflix has entered the sector head-on and has produced great films and has now launched titles such as red alert, which had a limited premiere in theaters last week and became a platform exclusive on Friday.

Directed and written by Rawson Marshall Thurber, responsible for Skyscraper: Courage Without BordersThe new feature brings together three names that alone can guarantee a good box office in theaters: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds. Here, they play characters involved in a search for three golden eggs studded with gems that once belonged to Cleopatra.

The plot is a typical heist movie, with a trail Indiana Jones NS 007, but this does not lose his constant sense of humor, in which Ryan Reynolds is mainly involved, and the signature of large productions. For example, there are scenes filmed in Rome, Sardinia and Paris – in addition to playing Egypt and Russia. It’s a growing effort by Netflix to harness the power of action cinema, as seen in Rescue NS army of the dead. You can see, right there on the screen, the US$200 million that the company invested in production. It’s the largest amount ever spent on a streaming movie, exceeding $160 million Irish.

This is Reynolds’ second job with Netflix. Known for his role in the franchise dead list. Previously, he was in another explosive movie on live stream: 6 . squadby Michael Bay. “It’s a new world,” the star said in an interview with Estadão, by video. “There’s a lot of room for movie releases and live broadcasts. We have to do something really good for the audience to enjoy, whether it’s a movie or a live broadcast.”

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Another point of attention in the film, in addition to the greatness of the acting and production, is the characters themselves. Gadot, known for her role as Wonder Woman in the DC film world, makes her the number one villain. Here, you play as a recognized art thief who is superior to the other characters. There is an unprecedented malice in her portrayal, which took the Israeli actress from her comfort. Gal Gadot says, in a video interview with condition. “And, you know, I’m that kind of killer woman who’s also smart and always a few steps away from the boys. It was really, really fun.”

Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson bet on the safety of public spaces. The Rock plays a detective who needs to find such golden eggs as Cleopatra to clear her name – Interpol believes he has hired other investigators and taken the Egyptian rarity for himself. She is the typical difficult character. Reynolds returns to the role of the anti-hero he founded in dead list. in a red alertAfter all, he plays the role of an art thief who, also to get out of prison, decides to work alongside Johnson’s character.

“I think we haven’t had the opportunity to explore stories made from a feminist perspective as much as we have explored stories for men. And now we are,” adds Gal Gadot.

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