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Red Hat announces Cincia de Dados as Serbian - Convergncia Digital

Red Hat announces Cincia de Dados as Serbian – Convergncia Digital

By the end of this year, Red Hat will launch a feature called Data Science as a Service, to reduce the impact of skilled labor shortages and companies’ need to make more use of data for business. The product – OpenShift Data Science – is an addition to the managed cloud services of OpenShift, Red Hat’s flagship platform.

According to the company, when available, the product will provide an integrated environment in the cloud, so data scientists can more easily develop, train and test machine learning models and deploy them in smart applications and self-service.

Red Hat’s chief technology officer in Brazil, Thiago Araki, recalls that the explosion in data storage capacity and the need to extract essential information from this data required specialized professionals rarely and that most companies struggled to extract the most relevant data. “As soon as the product is available, it will be here in Brazil,” he confirmed.

Red Hat is betting that developing and implementing workflows remains a very complex topic, as in addition to knowledge of data processing there are hundreds of different solutions, platforms, and technologies, and data scientists have spent much more time integrating these solutions than exploring them. Data and gain insights for business.

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