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Power outage leaves PSI-20 in the dark on gains day in rest of Europe - Stock Exchange

Red tide in Lisbon with BCP and Galp sinking more than 5% – Markets

Lisbon Stock Exchange It opened Friday in a ‘red’ zone, recording losses of more than 2%, a day after revealing new restrictive measures in order to curb new cases of covid-19. Putting pressure on the PSI-20 is, above all, the depressions of BCP and Galp Energia.

Of the 19 included in the index, they all go down. BCP is the company that loses the most, falling 5.37% to 0.14 euros. With losses above 5%, there is also Galp Energia, which fell 5.22% to 8.35 euros, on a day when the value of a barrel of oil is down about 4% in Europe and the United States.

In all, the 11 companies listed on the PSI-20 posted losses above 2%, with particular focus on Sonae, which tumbled 3.22%, EDP, which tumbled 2.21%, and NOS that lost 2.30%.

And Mota-Engil, whose subscription period for the new retail bond expires at the end of the week, posted a loss of 2.95%, to 1.26 euros.

In Europe, the main European squares are on the “red tide”. At stake are global concerns that the new type of COVID-19 that emerged in South Africa may be resistant to vaccines and could impose new restrictions worldwide.

To prevent further outbreaks, the United Kingdom

It has already banned flights from six African countries, deeming the new alternative to be “the worst ever”, given the “extremely large number” of mutations it contains.

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