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Regardless of Govit-19, Rita Ora is giving a concert in front of 35,000 people in Australia

It’s like a pre-epidemic concert, The British singer Rita Ora Led Sydney Gay & Lesbian Marty Cross, In Australia, Will give a show before being rated 35 thousand people. It took place this Saturday, with some precautionary measures to carry out the massive event March 6.

The event was attended by 35 thousand people

According to unofficial statistics, 35 thousand people voted for this event, which is unusual in many countries of the world today. Covit 19 International Distribution.

The annual event took place Sydney Cricket Ground. Although there were 35 thousand participants, it was very low 200000 Who met Oxford Street at the last Marty Cross.

The singer led her emotional event to the extent that she told the audience she was fighting with tears and told everyone how much she missed the show during the epidemics.

Besides him, there were other artists included in the concert The Wickels and Singer G Flip.

Australia is less affected by the epidemic

Compared to other countries, Australia has given good luck to the epidemic. So far, it has accounted for more than 29,000 of the Govt-19 cases and a total of 909 deaths.

According to international media reports, most of those who attended the event were not wearing or were seen wearing masks Mask. Despite this, Australia has strict rules to avoid infections and these are said to be effective.


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