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register!  An unopened copy of Super Mario Bros. has been sold.  At $2 million

register! An unopened copy of Super Mario Bros. has been sold. At $2 million

Every now and then we discover that the world of video games still contains many anecdotes that have yet to be discovered. This applies above all to some copies of electronic games that have been preserved correctly for several years and which are then considered real valuables to collectors.

In this sense, a new sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. is now sold out. For NES, never opened before, at a record $2 million.

We have written here many times about copies of video games that have been sold at very extraordinary prices because they are so high. Some examples are the game the legend of zelda Sold at auction for $870,000 and an original copy of Super Mario Bros Stamped for $117,000. In addition to this another version of Super Mario 64 The 1996 sold for $1.56 million, an amount that set a new record.

But these values ​​are authentic "boys" compared to the value at which another copy of Super Mario Bros. was sold. Recently.

A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. sold for a million dollars

The world of video game collectors has created another record in product sales value. It's a sealed and unopened copy of the 1985 Super Mario Bros. game for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) that sold for a staggering $2 million (~€1.7 million) on a collectibles website.

According to the New York Times, in addition to being sealed, the game has also been well preserved. Sold through the site gathering The buyer did not wish to reveal his identity.

Rob Petrozzo, founder of Rally, The New York Times, says he's noticed a huge increase in interest in vintage games on his platform. So, if this trend continues, who knows if we will soon have more new games with the old design.

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