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registered!  Alexandra Linkcaster's new boyfriend has served prison sentence for armed robbery - Nacional

registered! Alexandra Linkcaster’s new boyfriend has served prison sentence for armed robbery – Nacional

Alexandra Linkcaster’s new boyfriend, Nuno Fernandez, has served a four-year sentence, Charged with armed robbery, he applies for Sabado magazine, and also for writing bad checks.

Actress Ricardo Azedo’s agent from Charlie Agency, She confirmed the information and said that “Nuno Fernandez committed to what he paid to society,” but did not say why the actress’s friend was imprisoned.

“In recent days, Alexandra Linkcaster has been contacted about a situation relating to Nuno Fernandez, with whom she has a recent relationship. The situation dates back to 2011,” the agent told Nova Gente. “Without prejudice to the respect that journalistic work in general deserves, the judgments were made at the appropriate time and place. Nuno Fernandez complied with what he had to pay for society.”

Ricardo Azedo made it clear that Alexandra Linkcaster did not want to talk about this: “She will not express herself on this matter publicly, except through this statement, as she understands that she has the right to keep her privacy safe.”

The actress just said through the agent, “Everyone has the right to a second chance From the moment you prove you deserve it.”

Alexadra assumed in October that she had a new love, and a doss party golden balls. The actress was already married to the actor Virgil’s castle And with the Dutch product Heine Packer House, the father of two daughters, Margarida, 25, and Catarina, 23.

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