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Programa reestreia contando detalhes sobre o satélite Amazonia-1

Rehearsal program tells details about the Amazonia-1 satellite – Portuguese (Brazil)

Accompanying the new programs of TV Brasil, the second season of Science is Everything begins this Saturday, April 10, and the first episode showed the details of the mission that put Amazonia-1 into orbit, the first satellite produced with 100% Brazilian technology.

Learn about the satellite production and planning process through construction and testing. The program also includes the certification of a professional from the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) who worked throughout the mission.

Science is all about showing the functions of satellites, which can focus on observing the universe or they can focus on studying the planet. However, how does physics work to explain how a rocket works.

about the program

Since 2020, Science is All provides information on the history of science, human inventions, curiosities and reflections on the impact of science and technology in our daily lives, as well as news about investments and public policies in the region. The program is a partnership between TV Brasil and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI).

The program, led by journalist Carina Cardoso, in the second season, is more dynamic and has a new staff, continuing the mission of promoting scientific publishing and helping viewers understand the science behind everyday phenomena.

Watch the first episode

With information from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

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