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Remains found in search of Brian Laundrie - VG

Remains found in search of Brian Laundrie – VG

Disappeared: Brian Laundry was last seen on September 14 by his family. The disappearance of Gabi Pettito’s girlfriend was reported on September 11th.

The FBI confirmed that what they believe to be human remains were found after the search Wednesday morning. According to NBC, something that appears to be still has also been found.


Brian Laundry has been missing for over a month, since September 14. He was engaged to Instagram adventurer Gaby Petito (22 years old) who stayed found dead Near the borders of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, USA.

The FBI confirms at a press conference They stumbled upon what they believe to be human remains while searching today. In addition, they found a backpack and a notebook belonging to Laundry. It was not clear if the remains belonged to Laundry.

The area in the park at Carlton Reserve in Florida was until recently under water.

Missed for five weeks

Pettito was reported by his family on 9/11, after spending the summer on the country road with his fiancée. In the wake of Pettito’s disappearance – and the discovery of her body – a number of speculations circulated about the background to the murder.

On September 24, the Wyoming FBI released a file Federal arrest warrant for Laundry in connection with his disappearance and death.

He has been described as a key person in the case, but the FBI has also confirmed that they are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the murder, even though the arresting officer is given the opportunity to arrest Laundery.

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Advice for parents

In a statement, Laundry’s family attorney, Stephen Bertolino, said Laundry’s parents were the ones who advised the FBI and Northport Police to investigate the area. He says his parents went there to look for him on Wednesday morning.

Last night, the FBI and NPPD were informed of Brian’s parents’ intentions, and they met Chris and Roberta there this morning. After a quick search in one of the lanes that Brian often visited, some items belonging to Brian were found. Currently, the police are conducting a more thorough investigation in the area, according to the lawyer, according to NBC.

The parents were criticized for remaining silent and not speaking to the authorities.

In an interview with CNN Attorney Stephen Bertolino explained that he asked them not to say anything.

– That was the advice I gave them on September 14, if this advice turned out to be wrong, it must be so. This is my responsibility.

He says it’s too early to say if they will comment, if it turns out that the remains were found by Brian Laundry.