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Remy Jackman and Mathilde Guler:

Remy Jackman and Mathilde Guler:

Danish star duo Remee Jackman (46) and Mathilde Gøhler (29) have been a couple for seven years, and together they share a daughter, Kenya Veneda.

The 46-year-old made a name for himself as a songwriter and wrote for Robyn (42) and the group Girls’ Generation among others, and was previously also a judge on the Danish “X-Factor”. Mathilde is a model and influencer and has amassed up to 1.2 million followers on her Instagram page.

In 2019, the couple got their own reality series “Remee and Mathilde” where fans get an insight into the daily life of the couple, knowing that they will not live together anymore.

The couple is now also revealing the reason for their breakup. It’s Danish reports look and listen.

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– He went in different directions

Most relationships rarely go smoothly and Remy and Mathilde have struggled with that as well. On an episode of their reality show, the pair honestly share both the ups and downs of the relationship.

– We are not perfect, our relationship is not perfect. And I think of all the crises and challenges that other people go through — we go through them, too, says the songwriter.

Problem: The couple doesn't hide relationship challenges.  Photo: Thomas Laursen / NTB
problem: The couple does not hide the challenges of the relationship. Photo: Thomas Laursen / NTB
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According to the newspaper, the couple is still together, although they will now live in two different places. The 46-year-old will move into a mansion in northern New Zealand, and the top model will live in the interior of Copenhagen.

The reason for this is that the couple has different needs that they now choose to meet. The couple reveals in a new episode of the reality show.

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Our wants and needs have somehow regressed naturally in different directions, and that is what we have now worked on, says Mathilde, and further explains:

– I get the apartment I want and feel the best, and he gets the house he wants.

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Many people may think that a relationship ends when you no longer live under the same roof, but this should not be true according to the Danish couple.

Both parties should be very happy with the solution, but the 29-year-old still understands that it carries certain risks.

– We’ll just see how to make it work. She says only time will tell.

The former “X Factor” judge will move, it was said, to a mansion that was previously used to record the fifth season of Danish “Ex on the Beach.”

Despite the fact that now they will live separately, they will spend a lot of time together – both in the apartment and in the mansion.

– I see it (home newspaper. Note) more as a haven because when you get tired of the city you can get there. Mathilde concludes that he sees advertising in him, and that it is a huge fat project that he is making.

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