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REN funds itself with $300 million in green bonds

REN funds itself with $300 million in green bonds

Demand was seven times greater than supply, reaching more than two billion euros.

REN is financed with €300 million green bonds, with a maturity period of eight years. The interest rate was 3.614% equivalent Mid swap Plus 90 basis points.

Demand was seven times greater than supply, amounting to more than two billion euros.

“These results show that there is a growing interest on the part of investors in debt securities linked to companies’ performance in the field of sustainability, and that they consider REN’s contribution in this area relevant. This was the second green issuance,” Gonzalo Moraes Soares, REN’s CFO, said in a statement. For REN, as with the first issue, demand has been much higher than supply, reinforcing our perceived conservative financing profile.”

In terms of geography, demand came mainly from Germany, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom, with strong participation from green investors.

The company highlights that “andThis issuance of green bonds was part of REN's regular financing policy, maintaining the company's strong and low-risk image, without changing its conservative financial policy aimed at strengthening the investment-grade credit profile. The choice of this type of instrument reflects the alignment of the company's financial strategy with the company's sustainability strategy, based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations in 2015, and also demonstrates the company's commitment to environmental, social and cultural issues. “The ruling.”

REN is BBB rated It is designated by Fitch, Standard & Poor's and Baa2 by Moody's.