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Rene Simoes: "If Luis Castro was Brazilian, he wouldn't be here for long" - Brazil

Rene Simoes: “If Luis Castro was Brazilian, he wouldn’t be here for long” – Brazil

The former Botafogo coach refers to the “solidity” in the way Portuguese coaches work

Rene Simoes took Botafogo as one of his last jobs, more specifically in 2017. The Brazilian coach who was the football coordinator in Curitiba until last August lamented that the managers were more understanding of the Portuguese coaches and made the case for Luis Castro. “I see the Portuguese coaches are very strict about some things they don’t give up. And the fact that they don’t fix their waist” makes this adaptation even more difficult. [Luís Castro] He was a Brazilian coach and the trend was Brazilian, and the coach has not been here for a long time, ”confirmed Rene Simoes in statements to the program“ Samba que é target ”, transmitted by“ Lance ”. Even the coach revealed his ignorance towards Luis Castro, who was a hero in Ukraine with Shakhtar Donetsk.

“I don’t know much about the Botafogo coach. It seems to me that he has never coached any team. I think he has always been a coordinator or a manager, and they are two completely different positions. In addition, they brought in many players at the same time. He stressed that all this is very difficult. No One’s Brazilian culture still has to adapt to it. It is necessary to adapt to the culture of the country.”

In the season back to Brazil, Botafogo led by Luis Castro came in 10th place with 34 points in 27 rounds.

By Flavio Miguel Silva