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W najbliższy weekend rozpocznie się przebudowa wiaduktów na Trasie Łazienkowskiej w Warszawie. Remont potrwa dwa lata. Będą zmiany w komunikacji miejskiej.

Renovation work on the viaducts at Trasa Logienkovskaya in Warsaw will begin soon. Check for interruptions

Reconstruction of the Viaducts in Trasa Ajyenkovskaya in Warsaw will begin this weekend. The renovation takes two years. There will be changes in public transport.

First, it will be closed to traffic Route on Agricola. Cars will go in both directions on the South Viaduct.

Preparations for the closure of the Northern Canal will begin on Friday evening, January 28th. During these jobs, the next ones will be alternately occupied Paths al. From section Armii Ludowej. Niepodległości to Wisłstrada. There will be difficulties in the roundabout as well For returnees from Jazdy Polskiej,. Army Ludovage in ul. Waryński.

On Sunday, January 30, North Vydakt (from Prague-Bolotny to Strotmissi) will be closed for traffic and its demolition will begin. Then, traffic in both directions will be on the southern lane. Drivers coming from Prague-Bolotny will turn it behind the intersection with Wislostrada, and they will return to the road on the right in pl. At the crossroads.

The southern route will be marked by four lanes – two in each direction. Two outer lanes, 2.2 m wide, intended for private drivers. Two inner lanes, 3m wide, will be reserved for buses and taxis, motorcycles and emergency vehicles.

In the Trasa Łazienkowska area from the Jazdy Polskiej roundabout to the Wisłostrada junction, heavy trucks and vehicles over 2.2 m wide will be barred from entering. Recommended diversions for these vehicles take the following streets: L. Waryńskiego, Goworek, Spacerowa and J. Gagarin to ul. Cherniakovska. Due to the designation of this diversion, changes will be introduced in the transport system at the Justi Bolska Roundabout. Drivers coming from Wawelska Street will have two lanes to turn right onto Waryńskiego. The third path is straight or turn left.

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However, at ul’s gateway. Waryńskiego from the pl side to the roundabout. Constituchy will be the only way to turn left on Troza Lacienkovskaya (the serious one). Only buses and approved vehicles can turn left from the middle lane.

The drivers were driving al. Nipotlekloski from Salubinsky and wants to become Al on the left. The People’s Army will have only one path dedicated to this maneuver. On the other hand, ul. Gagarin, for those who want to turn left as Chernyakovska towards the center, turned the extra left – as a result, in this relationship can be turned from two paths.

During the reconstruction of the viaducts in the Agricola park, city buses will run through Trosa Asienkovskaya without changing the route. Only line 143 will be fixed. The stops will also be changed, the capital City Hall said.

Bus lanes will be created for buses on the left lanes, i.e. in the center of the viaduct. The bus lane leading to the city center over the Łazienkowski bridge will be diverted to the inner lane, blocking the road.

In addition, to improve the flow of buses to Prague, the Metro Polytechnic 01 stop (today on the road leading to Rondo Justi Bolskij) will be relocated to the main road, i.e. the area under the roundabout. The newly built staircase will connect with the sidewalks in the orbit. Buses 143, 182, 187, 188 and 523 will stop at this stop. There will be several hundred meters of bus lane.

The first phase of work will take about a year. In the second phase, vehicular traffic will be diverted to the new north lane and closed via the south lane. Reconstruction of the Trasa Łazienkowska viaducts will be completed in March 2024. The new facilities will have longer life and higher load capacity. There will be sidewalks and bicycle lanes and ramps, which will improve road access for those with limited mobility.

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