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Report on sexual assault in 'metaverse' stirs debate over new moderation - podcast

Report on sexual assault in ‘metaverse’ stirs debate over new moderation – podcast

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In this issue we talk about:

Startup Warning: Today’s podcast will talk about sexual assault. If the topic is your motivation, the recommendation is not to listen.

A researcher reports that her avatar was sexually abused in Meta Horizon Worlds. The condition was revealed in a study called the Metaverse: another sink for toxic content, something that could be translated as: Metaverse, another sink for toxic content. The issue again raises a problem: how to coordinate a space more diverse and complex than just a social network like Facebook?

In the second block, a new movement of telecommunications companies in Brazil. A group led by OI, Vivo and Claro wants a billionaire amount to offset current fixed line losses. That’s right, a deadline that few people have at home.

Finally, Samsung may end its LCD manufacturing arm, officially leaving the industry. This can say a lot about the company’s next move.

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This episode was written, presented, and edited by Wagner Wakka, with formatting from Patricia Gnipper. The program also included reports from Vinicius Motion, Gustavo de Lima Inacio, Felipe Ribeiro and Alvini Lisboa. Audio review by Gabriel Rimi and Mari Capetinga, with soundtrack by Guilherme Zomer.

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