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Report strong winds in southern Norway – VG

The autumn storm subsided in the north, but strong winds were reported in southern Norway on Thursday.


HRS Main Rescue Center reports on Twitter.

They ask people by boat to check the anchors on their boats, possibly double the anchor.

– We have many examples of boats struggling and drifting away, they write.

Do you have photos or videos of the storm? Send to 2200 phone, via tip form or via email [email protected].

Strong winds and heavy rain blew on Wednesday in northern Norway. The winds have now calmed in the north, but are about to rise in the south of the country on Thursday. Meteorologists report on Twitter’s metrology section.

On Wednesday night, on-duty meteorologist Trond Lin of the Meteorological Institute told VG that The storm subsided in western Norway and northern Norway.

A new warning has been issued that applies to the south of the country. It’s a new storm. We expect the strongest winds to be on the Rogaland coast, and will usually hit around midday tomorrow, Thursday, according to Yen.

Severe weather is expected to come in a small – and possibly full – storm in some places. This means that you have to be careful and aware of the weather conditions.

Heavy rains in most places in the country

Rain, rain, rain. Meteorologists wrote on Twitter that most places in the country could experience some drops in the next few days.

They also wrote that most of the rain is likely to fall in western Norway.

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A yellow warning has been sent due to heavy rain for sturgeon in western Norway for the city of Stade.

From this morning until the end of the afternoon, heavy rain is expected locally. Meteorologists wrote on Twitter that there are large local variations in intensity and quantity, and the weather can change quickly.