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Republican Presidential Debate: – Love the attention, guys

Republican Presidential Debate: – Love the attention, guys

Nikki Haley became the target during the fourth Republican presidential debate.


He writes that the former UN ambassador has become increasingly popular in recent weeks, receiving, among other things, support from several wealthy donors. AP news agency.

She is still not the Republican presidential candidate in 2024: Donald Trump, who is clearly the only one on the list, is leading in the polls.

However, the former president missed the televised debate in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on Thursday evening, where he was As I did in the previous three discussions.

While polls currently show that about 60% want Trump as the presidential nominee, the four are fighting on the debate stage over “crumbs,” as NTB wrote:

  • Former Florida Governor Ron DeSantis received a 12.7 percent average score from number crunchers on the site 538, while Nikki Haley got 10.5 percent.
  • Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy got almost half that, 4.9 percent, while former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie got 2.7 percent.
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– He loves attention

-You have other candidates there, like Nikki Haley. DeSantis said in the opening round of the debate, referring to Haley’s supporters, that she surrenders every time the left comes after her.

Ramaswamy followed suit, criticizing the wealth Haley acquired after leaving her position as US ambassador to the United Nations in 2018. Haley was also previously the governor of South Carolina.

– The mat piece does not rise. Among other things, it comes to your mind that you are corrupt, he said.

Pointing to Haley: From left: Chris Christie, Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy.

Later in the debate, he called Haley a “fascist.”

– I love all the attention boys, thank you, I avoided – and called competitors “envy.”

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie also defended the former ambassador to the United Nations. He came out with particular harshness against what he thought were inappropriate attacks from Ramaswamy.

– This is a smart woman who has achieved a lot. He said that you should stop insulting her, among other things.

To attack Trump

As in previous debates, the backdrop was clear: Will either candidate be able to present themselves as a true alternative to Trump?

It’s becoming a matter of urgency for the other four if they’re going to be able to catch some of his voters: Iowa’s first Republican nominating convention will be held on January 15.

Carrie Sheffield, who comments on conservative politics in the United States, told Al Jazeera before one of the previous debates that Republican candidates have to balance on a knife’s edge:

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They must be able to criticize Trump, but not too harshly, if they are to be able to attract some of his many voters.

During the debate in Alabama on Thursday night, the contenders mostly chose to ignore the preferred candidate, the AP wrote.

However, one candidate escalated his criticism of Trump. Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who was one of Trump’s biggest supporters, also criticized others for not “talking up about the threats Trump poses to democracy.”

– These three talk as if the fight were between the four of us. Christie said it’s often difficult to be the only person on stage telling the truth.

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On stage, he described the former president as a dictator.

– We must tell the truth. Christie went on to say it was inappropriate, referring to Trump as Voldemort – the evil, power-hungry wizard in the Harry Potter universe.

This is happening after Trump himself did not deny during an interview with Fox News on Tuesday that he would likely act like a dictator on day one if he is elected. See the statement here: