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Republicans expelled from the State Council:

Republicans expelled from the State Council:

Protesters: On December 21 last year, a Republican representative allowed angry and armed protesters to enter the Oregon State Assembly. Foto: Andrew Selsky, AP/NTB

Republican Mike Nirman, who allowed hundreds of angry protesters into the Oregon House of Representatives in December, is now being burned for his actions.


His actions were clear and intentional, and he showed no remorse after endangering the safety of everyone in the state assembly that day, Democrat Tina Kotik, the leader of the assembly, wrote in a statement.

But it wasn’t just Democrats who voted to oust Nirman. All of his fellow Republicans on Thursday did something rare like vote against one of them. Along with the Democratic majority, they voted for the resolution, which received 59 votes to 1.

Nierman himself was the only one who voted against the decision.

Broken door: Protesters destroyed, among other things, a door they had entered into the state assembly. Photo: Matthew Lewis Rowland/Reuters

Trump supporter

He admitted that he planned to let right-wing protesters in several days in advance. Some were armed, some smashed windows and violence was used by journalists.

Many of them were equipped with flags and other things that showed they were supporters of President Donald Trump, shouting things like “Kate Brown Arrested” (Oregon Governor Diary.anm)..

The accident, which occurred in Oregon on December 21 last year, was considered a prelude to The storming of the Capitol building in Washington A little over two weeks later.


But there are Republicans in Congress in Washington, D.C. You don’t even want a commission to investigate the attack From the Trump supporters on January 6, their party colleagues on the American West Coast looked beyond party lines and made a decision in principle.

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“His plan posed a danger to politicians, staff and police officers inside the building,” said Bill Post, a Republican who describes himself as one of Nirman’s closest associates. The New York Times.

In a video that surfaced last week, you could hear Nirman a few days before talking about how people got into the building.