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Baleias voltam a acumular Bitcoin e XRP, revela pesquisa

Research has revealed that the whales have returned to accumulating bitcoin and XRP

Cryptocurrency analytics firm Santiment explores the movements of Bitcoin and XRP whales. In addition, the platform predicts that five alternative currencies are on the verge of recovering.

As company data shows, whales with 10,000 Bitcoins or more are still piling up even in the midst of a deep bitcoin correction.

“Bitcoin’s huge whale headlines (more than 10,000 BTC) continue to get richer and pile up with the difference in prices, especially after the historic high of two weeks ago. About 90,000 Bitcoin (US $ 4.92 billion) have been added in total to these addresses since April 5 “.

So, according to the company, in the past two weeks, despite BTC down by nearly 15%, testing the $ 47,000 support level, the whales have continued to buy.


But it wasn’t just Bitcoin that was building up. Based on data from Santiment, analyst Ali Martinez showed that XRP whales are also buying more actively, with the token hovering around $ 1.40.

“XRP whales have entered a shopping spree. Santiment reveals that 19 new addresses with more than 1,000,000 XRP have joined the network since April 23. The biggest pressure could push this cryptocurrency to new yearly highs.”

Alternative currencies are ready for a new rally

Saniment also highlighted five alternative coins that should be under the radar and ready for a new high.

This analysis is based on metrics showing uptrend lines for ‘Daily General Heading Activity’ and downtrend lines for ‘Daily Active Deposits’.

Among the cryptocurrencies mentioned is Ethereum. The alt digital currency on Friday (30) reached a new all-time record of $ 2,800, but is still showing strong bullish signals.

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On the other hand, the assets with low market value that are on the radar are the Basic Attention Token (BAT). According to Santiment, the outlook is optimistic due to daily active deposits and trend lines for headline activity.

The other three assets are: Project Maker Virtual Reality (MKR), Enjin (ENJ) and Decentraland (MANA).

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