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Pesquisa revela que 55% dos brasileiros consomem bebidas alcoólicas

Research reveals that 55% of Brazilians consume alcoholic beverages

According to the Brazilian Liver Institute (Ibrafig), more than half of people over the age of 18 consume alcoholic beverages. In a survey, it was found that 55% of Brazilians over the age of 18 consume alcoholic beverages. It was also found that 32% of Brazilians, that is, one in three individuals, consume food weekly. In this group, 44% consumed more than three doses per day and 11% consumed more than ten doses per day.

The survey confirmed that women (42%) drink more drinks than men (32%) and more than the national average (37%).

Crowded bar in Brazil. (Photo: Reproduction / Fabio Rodriguez Bozeboom / Agência Brasil)

The survey was conducted in September of this year. Most respondents believe that frequent alcohol consumption leads the ranking of causes of liver cancer and cirrhosis. Already 56% of respondents neglect their health when they say they have never had a liver assessment test for alcohol consumption.

Brazilian Liver Institute says: “Even those who drink only on weekends, known as social alcohol drinkers, are at twice the risk of developing cirrhosis when they follow the consumption pattern that the World Health Organization (WHO) describes as casual drinkers (BPE), that is, more of four and five cups for each occasion, respectively for women and men.

Featured image: Bottles of alcoholic beverages. Reproduction / Anthem

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