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Researchers have made a breakthrough in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease

Credit: The Independent

A group of scientists has made very important achievements in the process of fighting Alzheimer’s disease. The team, made up of scientists from the UK and Germany, has developed a new method that has great potential to help treat and even vaccinate people against Alzheimer’s disease. The team reported the news to the press through a press release.

Scientists said they had developed an antibody-based treatment and a protein-based vaccine that were able to reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in lab mice, which the scientists used as guinea pigs for experiments.

However, according to the team, the next important step in the experiment will be conducting clinical trials in humans.

A team made up of researchers from the University of Leicester, the University Medical Center in Göttingen and the charity LifeArc published their findings in the scientific journal Molecular Psychiatry last week.

According to them, the new treatment and vaccine are based on a soluble form of a protein found in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists believe that the soluble form of this protein is necessary for the development and progression of this disease in the body.

Prof. Thomas Beyer from the University Medical Center Göttingen explains that a protein, called amyloid, is the most important part of the treatment design process: “In clinical trials, none of the treatments dissolved amyloid plaques in the brain. Some even showed negative side effects, so we took an approach different.”

He then explained that the team was able to discover the antibody that would neutralize this protein. By testing a new version of this antibody intended for treatment use in humans, the generated process allowed the team to develop a portion of a specific protein region that could be used to create a vaccine that would stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies against it. Alzheimer’s disease. illness.

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The researchers tested the modified protein in laboratory mice and found that those who received the protein produced antibodies necessary to fight disease, helping to restore nerve cell function and restore memory loss.