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Researchers present data science applications at an event at the University of the South Pacific - Jornal da USP

Researchers present data science applications at an event at the University of the South Pacific – Jornal da USP

With the support of Escola Politécnica da USP in partnership with several institutions, a workshop on data science presents the experiences and results of the Parsec project for socio-economic impact analysis

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Escola Politécnica da USP will host, from October 3-6, the sixth edition of the Workshop on Data Science, promoted by the Department of Computer Engineering and Digital Systems in partnership with several institutions. This year, it will be the focus of the event open flag and synthesis techniques, as a guide Parsec projectan international collaborative initiative between the University of the South Pacific and institutions from five countries in developing tools and techniques for analyzing socio-economic impacts in areas surrounding conservation and environmental protection units.

Many international and Brazilian researchers participate in the workshop, contributing to the discussion of organizational and technical aspects. In the organizational field, it will spark discussions on how to conduct research in international groups, focusing on the topic of data management and techniques for reproduction and reuse of research with an open scientific character. In technical topics, advances in research and use deep learning To interpret data and images for social and economic analyses.

The purpose of the event is to disseminate experiences and results in the synthesis and data sciences of the Parsec project, as well as the innovative aspect of the project, a collaborative research undertaking by the Brazilian scientific and academic community. Belmont Forum related to innovation in electronic infrastructures. This project highlights the project presentation “This project aims to conduct a transnational and interdisciplinary synthesis while testing new approaches to environmental, social and economic data management and preservation.” The Belmont Forum is an international funding initiative founded in 2009 as a partnership of international organizations, councils, and regional research funding consortia committed to advancing interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary science.

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The inauguration will be attended by the President of the Foundation for Research Support of the State of São Paulo (FAPSP), Marco Antonio Zago; Nicole Arbor, Executive Director, Belmont Forum; from manager polyRinaldo Giudici, Chair of the Research Committee and Head of the Department of Computer Engineering and Digital Systems at poly, Jaime Simao Sichman; The Parsec project leaders, Alison Specht, of the University of Queensland-Australia, Shelley Stall, of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), and Pedro Luiz Pizzigatti Corrêa, of poly-USP.

Registration can be done through the site. http: // / wds6, free shipping. It is necessary to confirm presence until the beginning of the event, on October 3. Seating is limited to 200 people. In addition, the event will also be broadcast by Youtube on channel polyat one time, for those who cannot attend in person.


Text: Poli-USP Communications Office