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Resident Evil 4 |  See what the new free VR mode will look like on PS5

Resident Evil 4 | See what the new free VR mode will look like on PS5

The virtual reality version of the Resident Evil 4 remake changes the way the game is played, assuming a first-person perspective

May 25th
– 22:00

(Updated 5/26/2023 at 5:42 AM)

First gameplay footage from the VR version of Resident Evil 4 remake Posted by Capcom in a new trailer. exhibited during the event Play Station Presentation, quick cutscenes show how some of the title’s initial battles will work and also the new perspective, moving from third person to first person.

Image: Disclosure / Capcom / Canaltech

Virtual reality mode will be exclusive to ps5 It will be compatible with PlayStation VR 2which headphone Sony Launched in February this year. In the images, Leon holds a gun in his right hand and a knife in his left, with the individual command recognition enabling him to launch attacks with both weapons while enemies are approaching.

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Defense, a novelty in the remake of Resident Evil 4, also exists. It is used in one of the most interesting ways in the game, to block an attack from the opponent wielding the chainsaw, and requires the player to use both hands to protect himself. The idea is to convey the feeling that a blow, to be parried, requires more force than a normal attack.

Among the rest, we have beautiful ultra-realistic graphics that have already been praised in the shared version of the game. In the VR version, Resident Evil 4 It is set to tell the full story of Leon Kennedy’s mission to a remote village in Europe, in search of Ashley, the kidnapped daughter of the US President. Other recent games in the franchise, such as Resident Evil 7 that it RE village It also has modes in virtual reality.

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At the moment, however, there is no release date for the additional content. Resident Evil 4 It has been available since March this year, and in addition to the PS5, the only one that receives the futuristic VR mode, it can also be played on PC and Xbox Xbox X| S with the traditional gameplay.

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