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Resort Philipsky abandoned children before he died.  Are talking now

Resort Philipsky abandoned children before he died. Are talking now

Resort Philipsky He is a great Polish actor. He introduced himself to audiences in productions such as “The Old Story. When the Sun Was a God”, “The Flood”, “Conspiracy D’Dot” or “Criminal”.. He died at the age of 87 after a long illness. He passed away on October 22, 2021, and his wish was to “leave without the media.” It has been revealed that his death … was not seen by his children until after the funeral. Zofia and Bronisław Filipscy decided to give Pomponik an interview in which they admitted that the news came through journalists.

“Our older sister, writer Katarzyna Turaj-Kalińska, the fruit of our father’s first marriage, received an inquiry in the messenger from Zofia Kalińska, an actress, a journalist who could confirm my father’s death. She knows nothing like us“- says Jobia Phillipska.

The actor’s daughter contacted her siblings to try to determine if the news of their death was true.

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It was only on October 29, 2021, that the profile of the “Major Hubble” Association reported that the famous “Hubble” wanted to hold his funeral without publicity.

After the feast of the dead was over, the siblings could not find information about the place of burial. They agreed that they were still trying to understand why their father had excluded them from his life.

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Resort Philipsky abandoned children before he died. Kids are still trying to understand why

Resort Phillipsky was not only a great actor, but also a man who willingly engaged in affairs. His first wife was Jofia Kalinska, and he had a daughter. He later had a son by his wives Barbara and Marta, one of them. Małgorzata Filipska is the actor’s fourth wife and he has six children. He abandoned his family in support of 21-year-old mistress Zolka, who is now known as Lucia Okinska. Zofia and Bronisław Filipscy in an interview with Pomponik admitted that they and their siblings were trying to establish contact with their father.

“Once when one of the sisters called him, his concubine answered him and – instead of asking his father on the phone – With inward treachery, she advised the little girl to ask her mother who her father was!“- The actor’s daughter recalled.

Photo: Marek Uladowski / MW Media

Resort Philipsky in 2006

The older sister’s daughter also tried to contact Resort Phillipsky, who informs him that he has become a grandfather. Unfortunately, the actor’s lust quickly removed her.

A few years ago, the actor’s relatives received a message from his phone number, thus making no contact.

Photo: Kournikovsky / AKBA

Resort Philipsky

Bronislav Phillipsky admitted that he had fond memories of his father as a child.

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“For almost 12 years of my life, I had a good, loving, caring and loving father. I remember him as a very intelligent, attractive, funny man, with a classic sense of humor. They formed a very nice and harmonious marriage with my mom. We had a really happy family … “says the artist’s son.

There was a story in the media that Lucia Okinska had found Richard Phillipsky in a cabin in the middle of the woods and saved his life. It turns out that this is a legend created by the actor.

“Zolka came to her father for acting lessons, and he never left her. She did not care if her father had a family – a wife and six children,” – said Jobia Phillipska.

Photo: INPLUS / Eastern News

Resort Philipsky

Małgorzata Filipska loved her husband dearly, and blindly turned to his weaknesses and toughness.

The actor’s children were reminded that this was not their father’s only weakness. Mom wanted to waste the money she earned. He had gambling problems and abused alcohol.

“His mother’s family apartment in the capital went to his mourning until he finally destroyed our family. The farm in Adamo was put under the hammer. The mother had debts, debt repayments and the support of six children“- says Bronisław Filipski.

The siblings have confessed that they did not talk about their father’s mistakes out of respect for their mother. They admitted that 23-year-old Bokumila or 19-year-old Rysard had nothing to do with Rizard Phillipsky’s younger children.

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Photo: Gałązka / AKPA

Resort Philipsky

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