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“Retarded competition. Fat, muscular women are beautiful too.”

“Retarded competition. Fat, muscular women are beautiful too.”

aAfter seeing “some posts” about the fact that a transgender woman had won the Miss Portugal contest, Maria Sampaio decided to speak out.

“It upset a lot of people, and they came to say that men are taking our place. First, let it be clear – in the year 2023 – that a transgender woman is not a man, and she is not a man masquerading as a woman to take our place. “He is a person who is born into a body that does not belong to him and changes his sex because he does not identify with the sex he was born with biologically.”She began highlighting the actress in a video she posted on her Instagram page on Thursday, October 12th.

“Actually, what I think we should be discussing is being a beauty queen, [… é que] These competitions are still very reactionary. This thing continues to perpetuate the idea that women should be a certain way and that the standard of beauty is the same. In reality, “There needs to be more diversity in bodies. A muscular woman is also a woman and beautiful, and a fat woman is also a woman and beautiful.”Vent. He further said, “This thing about being a beauty queen, that’s what needs to be discussed.”

He added in a comment on the video: “I thought it was no longer necessary to talk about these topics at a time when the world is at war, when we have destroyed our planet and the owners of the world still do not want to “I know… when profit is above everything, when “my opinion” is… Above any other life! I really do not understand! Congratulations Marina Machetti on your achievement, which I can imagine how important it is to you.”

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