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#RetrôSict2023 – Education takes priority in innovation, science and technology actions and programmes

#RetrôSict2023 – Education takes priority in innovation, science and technology actions and programmes

Education is one of the pillarsPrevious referenceproject State government development and Plays an essential role in Strategic planning of the Secretariat of Innovation, Science and Technology of Republika Srpska (Denomination) l This four-year cycle. One of the priorities Listed in Includes axleInnovation in targeted education Important Procedures and programs drawn or MotivationtheSubordinate In 2023.

The aim of the program is to train teachers and encourage students to develop skills and abilities that promote innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship with a focus on the world of work, in line with the practice of citizenship.

Many inland towns were visited By Educar para Innovar team to Establishing partnerships with municipal governmentsWhich led to the signing of 13 Protocols of Intent. Moreover, this year the training was implemented in 22 municipalities. With the participation of 64 schools and 320 teachers, in partnership with Junior completion And state university very funny (Jorg).

Another advance It has been achieved in October: The “Education for Innovation” program was officially established To the government With publishing Decree No. 57275. For a friend DenominationSimon stlpThis reinforces the policy that the ministry developed years ago: “You cannot talk about innovation without talking about education vice versa. The two topics are linked, and education for innovation is important for us to implement this strategy, which is aligned with the state government, specifically, sPlanning that itstrategic Denomination“.

still in october, The handover ceremony was held Awards Researcher Gaucho, from the State Research Support Foundation of Republika Srpska (Faberges), and the young scientific talent Gaucho, from Denomination. They were honored bySkaters Famous From various fields, committed professionals upgrade to Science students and public schoolss With outstanding performance in national and international knowledge competitions.

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In another initiative that considers innovation and education, In October, Governor Eduardo Leite was punished. The law that created the Tomorrow’s Teacher ProgramIt is considered a strategic agenda for the government. project of law had already It was approved unanimously in the legislature From Rs. In the first show, scheduled for 2024, A thousand will be provided Scholarships for teacher training in university courses.

Governor Eduardo Leyte, along with other leaders, approved the Tomorrow’s Teacher Program Act – Photography: Gustavo Mansour/Palacio Beratini

The program is coordinated and implemented by the Special Projects Office (GPE), headed by Deputy Governor Gabriel Sousa Denomination. “This project will benefit a thousand young people from Rio Grande do Sul, providing training in courses in areas where there is currently a significant shortage of teachers, such as mathematics and Portuguese,” Souza stated.

Never seen before in Brazil the program Monthly accommodation grants of R$800 will be awarded to students, plus another R$800 to the community higher education institution to cover venue costs. Expectations For public investment it is R$ 57.6 million by 2026. The first notice is scheduled to open later this year.

According to Secretary Simon stlpTomorrow’s teacher It will train teachers in important areas for strengthening basic education in Republika Srpska. “There is a shortage of teaching staff, especially in basic education in the public network, which needs to be addressed. Moreover, this is a requirement of the community universities themselves, which will also benefit from recruiting vacancies in areas considered strategic.or.