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Retrospective: From a Billion-Dollar Lab to a Battle at Unicamp, a Review of Highlights in Science and Education |  Campinas and the region

Retrospective: From a Billion-Dollar Lab to a Battle at Unicamp, a Review of Highlights in Science and Education | Campinas and the region

Artistic perspective of Orion, a laboratory complex for maximum biocontainment that will be built at CNPEM, in Campinas (SP), as part of the new PAC of the Federal Government – Photo: Reproduction/CNPEM

Technology and Education Center The Region of Campinas (SP) has been highlighted on the national scene in 2023 with news on topics, including a billion dollar investment in a maximum biosafety laboratory, which promises to be unique in the world, even confusion as A Unicamp student was threatened with a knife in a fight with a teacher.

The year also saw the expansion of the Vestipolo project within g1with complete coverage of the entrance examinations of the main universities in São Paulo, with answers to pending questions and corrections.

Below are the 10 most accessible reports on topics in 2023:

Orion: The maximum biosafety laboratory will be built in Campinas

A project that promises to be unique in the world: this is how Orion is defined, a laboratory complex with maximum biocontainment that will be built in Campinas (SP), with a planned investment of R$ 1 billion. The structure will be connected to the synchrotron light source, Sirius

The presence of a Biosafety Maximum Laboratory (NB4) provides the country with the necessary conditions for monitoring, isolating and researching biological agents Developing diagnostic methods, vaccines and treatments.

The investments include expanding the research lines of Sirius, the flagship Brazilian scientific project, which throughout the year also received proposals and developed research from scientists from around the world.

A Unicamp student says he was attacked by his teacher with a knife

This case occurred in October in the context of student demonstrations in support of strikes and walkouts that took place at both Unicamp and USP.

The student said in the video: “He raised a knife and tried to stab me and another student who also tried to escape from that space.”

“Vestibulou”: What can you expect from a Unicamp test with more human questions?

The first stage tests received three questions in philosophy and sociology each, while the subjects of biology, physics, geography, history, English language, chemistry and biology increased from eight questions to seven.

Artificial intelligence, racism, the reversal of indigenous colonialism, Brazilian music under the military regime and the use of steroids are among the topics covered in the first phase of Unicamp.

While in the second phase, which was held over two days, the topics of Nigo Bispo, Hannah Arendt, illegal mining, climate emergency, masculinity, questions about ChatGPT, neutral pronouns were addressed. The topic of the article can be chosen from a similar labor complaint A letter to slavery or a letter about refugees .

Part of the team responsible for developing the device: Ellenton Haim, left; Raquel Leal, center; and Fabio Haim, right – Photo: Pedro Amatuzzi/Innova Unicamp

Researchers from Unicamp have developed a stomach device capable of stimulating hormones that promote feelings of fullness, and thus help control excessive obesity.

The technological device is fixed in the stomach wall, and in the future it could become an alternative to other methods of combating obesity, such as a gastric balloon. Studies must last for two years in animals before being tested in humans.

“Mysterious” lights in the skies of Campinas – Photography: Markus Tonin

to g1Astronomer Giulio Lobo, who works at the Campinas Municipal Observatory Jean Nicolini (OMCJN), said it was Balloon with lights.

“But I think it's wonderful because it shows that people are watching the sky, and who knows, someone will see something truly from another world. Those who have seen it are from this world,” he says.

Before and after photos of patients after 36 weeks of treatment with baricitinib. -Photo: Yale University/Disclosure

The National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) approved in 2023a New drug for treatment Alopecia areataIt is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss.

The recommendation is for continuous use and according to a professor of dermatology at Unicamp, the drug presents “fewer adverse events” than other drugs on the market.

Unicamp's Caism confirms first case of Candida auris super fungus in SP

Hey g1 It published a report explaining the origin of the microorganism, the development of the condition in the child, and the containment and care measures that the institution must take.

Wine, olive oil and cheese: Globo Repórter showcases the Brazilian products that are conquering the world

Olive oil is much more than just a seasoning or a simple product to aid in cooking. This vegetable oil extracted from olives has been extensively studied and has relevant health benefits.

The product has received a special report explaining the health benefits it can offer, in addition to recommendations indicating the care needed for best use and determining virgin quality.

Unicamp researchers were accompanied by volunteers who practiced different types of training – Photo: Antonioni Peri/Unicamp

Amid the “all that” the study suggests, physical education professionals highlight guidelines that take into account the body type in the gym and the care a person should take with their diet.

Omicron strains have reduced incubation time and symptoms – Image: Getty Images via BBC

At the beginning of 2023, a patient from Indayatuba (SP) was identified as the patient First case of XBB.1.5, a branch of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

The case was discovered by Dasa Integrated Health Network through the SARS-Cov-2 Genetic Surveillance Project.

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