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Casados A Primeira Vista Sic

Return of “Married at First View” on SIC

Daniel Oliveira has already placed his bet for the first quarter of 2022 on SIC: Season Three of ‘Casados ​​à Primeira Vista’.

Return of “Married on First View” on SIC. After two successful editions, Daniel Oliveira is already preparing for a third season, which is supposed to premiere in the first quarter of 2022, right after the second edition of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’.

At the beginning of the year, pre-production, selection of new couples, selection of wedding venues, among other details begin, but should continue into the first quarter of next year.”, reveals a source from Paço de Arcos to Maria magazine.

The third season was initially scheduled to begin in September of this year, but due to the pandemic, Daniel Oliveira I decided to bet on “who wants to date a farmer” and “maskwhich will appear for the first time soon.

The programme, adapted from Married at First Sight, is to be continued by Diana Chavez, as well as specialists Chris Carvalho, Eduardo Torgal, Fernando Mesquita and Alexandre Machado.

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