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Manuel Luís Goucha

Revealed how much Manuel Luis Josha earns on TVI

Manuel Luis Josha gives his mother a subsidy for several years. Maria de Lourdes complained to the broadcaster that she had received so little.

Maria de Lourdes complained to her son that he got so little money from his allowance. After all, how much does Manuel Luís Goucha earn at TVI?

According to the magazine “Fides”, Manuel Luis Gocha receives about 50 thousand euros a month He gives a stipend to his 98-year-old mother. But for several years, the mother complained to her son that he had so little money. “My mother pays for two people in her house [para a ajudar]. The allowance must cover all expenses. This amount is not much for her, but I have to explain to her: ‘I wish many families …The presenter said during a meeting with reporters.

I think my mother belongs to that generation that lost track of money when we moved from the Dark Zone to the Euro“, he added.

Because she thought she had received so little, Maria de Lourdes requested an increase in her allowance. “My mom is very funny. I called her and said: I am poor, I need a raise. You don’t make me bigger, do you? I go to my savings. I think you’re raising money for your grandchildren.Manuel Luis Josha joked.

The TVI star also admitted that his mother does not see him on TV.

Remember that the communicator has a lot in Alentejo with several hectares and in Last year it launched its first olive oil.

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