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Attention!  Windows 10 just received an emergency update!

Revealed: The Reason It Killed the Windows Startup Sound!

Each version of Windows brought a bunch of really interesting functions. One of the most amazing features of the Microsoft operating system is the startup sound that came out when we turned on the computer. Or rather, when the operating system is booted. I am well aware of the sound that Windows 7 and XP make. However, how no one expected something that killed the Windows startup sound. After many years we found out why!

Revealed: The Reason It Killed the Windows Startup Sound!

The CSI for this case was Jensem Harris who served as the manager of the Windows User Experience (WUE) team. He recently explained why the company disables the startup sound in Windows 8 and Windows 10, by default. Yes, because it is included. The question is that it is disabled.

Now the startup sound is disabled because modern Windows devices work a little differently. It can be used anytime and anywhere. However, the startup sound can disturb people in a meeting or if you are in a classroom and have to restart your computer.

In fact, this was the result of the transition to a modern world where computers are approaching the role of mobile devices – always ready to use and can be used anywhere.

When Microsoft They began to work on modern devices, and began to optimize platforms mainly for modern use. However, while one team at Microsoft was busy transitioning Windows to ARM processors, another team started designing an interface more suitable for tablets. At the time, while they were thinking about different things, they started to realize that the startup sound whenever Windows starts can be annoying and even weird. For example, a person who has to work late for some reason must restart and does not want to wake anyone.

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So, the startup sound is over. This is to avoid harassment and embarrassing situations.

Windows are bootable

However, Microsoft has not removed the option completely and it is possible to activate it.

To do this, open Settings and then Personalization.

Click on the sounds option and open the sounds tab. Then select the option that lets you play the startup sound.