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revealing the secret!  "Big Brother" Tania married a woman six years ago

revealing the secret! “Big Brother” Tania married a woman six years ago

Tanya is one of the contestants on the new “Big Brother Famous” show. The singer, who belongs to the band Titi, was quite conservative in the early weeks of the play, and passed most of the controversy living inside the most guarded house in the country.

On Friday, March 25, the issue of TV7Dias magazine reveals the “best kept secret” of the competitor, who has been married for six years to a woman, as you can read. here.

As the publication says, the singer got married on September 18, 2015, under the community common property system. The ceremony was held at the Civil and Land Registry Office of Tavira, as revealed by TV7Days.

The competitor’s sexual orientation has already been questioned inside the country’s most guarded house. In a conversation with Vanessa Silva, Bernardo Sousa shot: “Does orange play both ways?”. Vanessa Silva passed by the question: “That’s what I can’t answer, because it’s just something she can tell you.”

“I think Bernardo was talking about Tania. It kind of doesn’t worry me, it’s not about me,” the actress later stated in confession: “I think he was upset because he thought Tania was giving too much opinion about him and Bruna and what she was saying less positive things “also revealed how he can remember here.

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