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Revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell platform

Revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell platform

The EVRh hydrogen fuel cell platform promises to soon revolutionize competition and electric mobility.

EVRh: a revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell platform

Previously owned by Williams Engineering, The YE Technologies Just unveiled a new fuel cell platform. Called EVRh, it corresponds to the hydrogen version of EVR, the battery-powered electric system the British company introduced last year.

“EVRh proves that our company is able to develop high-performance solutions for zero-emission vehicles and thus contribute to accelerating their commercialization,” says Paul McNamara, Technical Director of WAE Technologies.

EVRh – hydrogen fuel cell platform

Designed for sports cars, the EVRh engine is powered by a liquid-cooled battery that, together with a hydrogen fuel cell, can provide 550 kW of power (430 kW + 120 kW). According to its designers, this allows the system to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 2.5 seconds!

The hydrogen tank, which provides up to 600 kilometers of autonomy, as well as the power system, is placed in the center of the platform. A configuration that allows the EVRh’s weight to be optimally distributed and to create a competitive car that weighs less than 1.9 tons.

“The vehicles that are part of our hydrogen platform will be able to cover the Nürburgring circuit (20 km) in 7.20 minutes.”Add representatives from WAE Technologies. “This is fully consistent with the record time set by Porsche with its 911 GT3 RS in March 2015.”

Advantages and disadvantages of hydrogen

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