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Revolutionary solar panels fit any roof

Revolutionary solar panels fit any roof

In a perfect world, all roofs, regardless of buildings, would have to be covered with solar panels, in order to get the most out of this kind of clean, renewable and inexhaustible energy.

Unfortunately, this is not possible, and among the various factors that impose this impossibility is the shape of some surfaces, which, due to their irregularity, require the installation of this type of solution for photovoltaic solar tiles.

Solar PV rooftops generate 164 watts per square metre

Fortunately, the market now has a potentially revolutionary solution, which can reverse scenarios where solar panel installation is not possible. We are talking about the company’s photovoltaic tile application Frisonswhich, in addition to giving buildings a more pleasant aesthetic than that offered by common solar panels, has become the only viable option in many scenarios, in addition to the main advantage of course: electric power output.

Freesuns solar tiles are designed and developed with the aim of adapting to any building, of any type of construction, with any roof.

With their customizable format, these squares fill in even the most disproportionate and inconsistent spaces, creating complete coverage of the application area. Moreover, these tiles are found in a wide variety of colors and materials, in order to preserve as much as possible the authenticity of the properties in which they are applied.

These solar panels have a maximum output of 164 watts per square meter and were born out of a need for the company’s founder, John Morello, when he bought a planned home in the 1960s.

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Now, the building in question lacked compatibility with traditional solar panels, which sharpened the wit of John, who wanted to keep as contemporary as possible his acquisition.

Out of necessity, the Frizon Solar Roof was born.

Verizon solar roof
Verizon solar roof

And so John Morello was forced to create a custom-made solution, which ended up culminating in the origin of the Freesuns solar tiles as they exist today: Perfectly adaptable to the needs of every client and every roof.

There are many certain properties available, which when applied allows even homes to become completely self-sufficient, when used in conjunction with an energy storage battery, intended to ensure all energy needs in times of low solar impact.

This whole combination can result, at maximum, in a zero electricity bill, plus a consequent reduction in the environmental impact of human habits and needs.

According to Freesuns, the investment in its solar tiles is fully amortized after 10 to 15 years, as the case may be.

Of course, this customized solution is slightly more expensive than traditional formulas, which are somewhat standardized, hence the longer time required to reflect the amount spent initially.

One aspect to consider is that traditional solar panels have higher maximum performance, However, solar tiles win out by a large margin in terms of aesthetics and installation compatibility. It is always advisable to choose the most efficient mechanism, when there are conditions to do so.

In short, these modern solar panels are the perfect solution for historic buildings, where aesthetics must be preserved, or buildings with unusual features.

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The idea that must be kept is that there are more and better alternatives to provide and benefit from renewable energy for all.

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