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Ria Ripley is the champion of nova Raw for women

Ria Ripley is the champion of nova Raw for women

On Second night of WWE WrestleMania 37This Sunday, we had it raw Women’s Championship match does not qualify campaign Asuka He defended the title against the newcomer to main menu Give WWEAnd the Rea Ripley.

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The match started off better for champion Asuka, who after a quick streak of Pins and some Strikes The title competitor forced out of the ring and breathe. But the “nightmare” was not left, and moments later, with his greatest strength, he ended up taking control of the fight.

The slowing pace of the match was in favor of Rea Ripley, who has a strong and Strikes Strong he dominated the Japanese in his happiness. Just this one, it wears colors Brazil, And ended up with some openness and was able to balance the battle for its final stretch and the chances of victory arose.

Also worth noting is the Ddt Asuka-doo Bib On the ground around the ring, which almost left Rhea Ripley out of the fight.

Some introductions followed, but the strength of the Aussie made the Japanese head bounce into the corner and A. Suplex Awesome than Bib In the ring.

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In the end, Rhea Ripley slipped Asuka’s knee and applied Riptide To victory. Nightmare is the new Raw Women’s Champion!

Pre-existing behind the scenes, In an exclusive WWE Social Network interview, Ria Ripley was visibly happy for a year after she had her “WrestleMania Moment” with winning the Raw Women’s Championship.

What do you think of this Raw Women Championship match between Asuka and Rhea Ripley? Did you expect a “nightmare” victory?