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Ribeirão Pires vaccinated 1,561 people in "D-Day" against influenza

Ribeirão Pires vaccinated 1,561 people in “D-Day” against influenza

(Photo: Disclosure / PMETRP)

On Saturday (29), 1,561 people in Ribeirao Perez were vaccinated on “Day D” for influenza (influenza H1N1) vaccination. Elderly people over the age of 60 were the most attended group at vaccination sites, with 76% vaccinated. After that, the health workers, with 153 people vaccinated, then the children who numbered 136. The list is complete with teachers, pregnant women and postpartum women, who number 84 people.

Immunization also relied on the presence of “Zé Gotinha”, who besides encouraging the population, played with children. “We have to make this moment fun. Get rid of the fear of needles and show that vaccination will benefit everyone,” commented Maria Cellini, a nurse at the Family Health Unit in Santa Luzia.

The high number of vaccines today has resulted in Ribeirao Perez reaching the 57% mark of total target audience in the second phase of the campaign, which will run until June 8.

Those who have not yet been able to get the vaccine and are part of the target audience can go to health units during the week, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., for immunization. Starting from the ninth of next month, the third phase of the campaign begins.

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