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Ribeirao Preto City Hall

Ribeirao Preto City Hall

09/11/2022 16:10 – Health

Efforts to remove more than 6.2 tons of potential dengue mosquito breeding sites

The event centered in the Jardim Antonio Palocci neighborhood, where more than 3,500 properties were visited

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The Municipal Health Department, through the Environmental Health Surveillance Department, held on Saturday, September 10, a fishing vessel to combat dengue fever in the neighborhood of Jardim Antonio Palocci, north of the city. The purpose of the procedure was to collect potential breeding sites for mosquitoes that transmit dengue fever as well as to remove material that serves as a shelter for the scorpions.

In this event, 3,500 properties were visited by field teams and 14 infestations of Aedes aegypti mosquito larvae were found, which were eradicated.

According to the Department of Health Surveillance, efforts like these are aimed at ensuring that breeding sites are removed from homes, in order to prevent transmission of dengue, Zika and chikungunya fever.

During the joint effort, 150 tires were found in the open in backyards and vacant lot, which were also collected and transported to Ecoponto.

“The Municipal Health Department is working tirelessly to combat the Aedes aegypti mosquito, through joint efforts and other measures, but it is essential that everyone do their part without leaving anything or a utensil in which water can accumulate,” he warns. Director of the Department of Health Surveillance, Luzia Márcia Romagnoli Passos.

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The task force involved 101 agents for endemic disease control, nine official vehicles and nine trucks.