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Ribeirão vaccine for pregnant women and the public from 50 to 55 years old with comorbidities

Ribeirão vaccine for pregnant women and the public from 50 to 55 years old with comorbidities

Immunization of other groups with comorbidities continued as normal (Photo: Disclosure / PMETRP)

Starting Monday (5/17), Ribeirão Pires began immunizing pregnant women and people between the ages of 50 and 55 against comorbidities. The vaccination will take place in the form of a car or a pedestrian, at the Ayrton Sina complex (Avenida Valdírio Prisco, 193), from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Pregnant and puerperal women will be immunized with Coronavac and must be provided with CPF, proof of residency, medical clearance / recommendation (which takes into account risk benefit), with identification data (gestational age, doctor’s name and customer relationship management)) and proof of risk status (medical acknowledgment) And sign the consent form before submitting the application.

The group public between the ages of 50 and 55, with comorbidities, receive the Astrazeneca vaccine, and must present a CPF, proof of residency and medical affidavit containing the ICD, to indicate the patient’s health status.

According to the Ministry of Health, diabetes, resistant hypertension, stage 3 hypertension, stage 1 and 2 hypertension with target organ infection, morbid obesity, HIV, cerebral vascular disease, chronic kidney disease, Immunosuppressants, sickle cell anemia, are comorbidities. Cirrhosis, acute chronic lung disease, cardiovascular disease, heart failure, pulmonary and heart pulmonary hypertension, coronary artery syndrome, heart valve disease, cardiomyopathy and pericarditis, aortic diseases, major vascular and arteriovenous fistulas, arrhythmias Adult congenital heart defects, valvular prosthetics and implanted heart devices.

Immunization of other groups affected by diseases associated with Down syndrome – from 18 to 59 years old; Immunosuppressed transplant recipients – from 18 to 59 years; Beneficiaries of a permanent disability from BPC – 50 to 59 years old – continues naturally.