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Ricardo Long: Who is the worst enemy of the web?

The Green Party is facing a change at the top: Annalena Barbach and Robert Hebeck are relinquishing leadership of the Green Party due to their acceptance of ministerial posts. The new dual leadership could include Ricarda Long and Omid Nooripur. After Nooripur, Long also announced his candidacy; He will be elected at the party convention at the end of January.

Ricarda Long: From the Federal Election in Parliament

The 27-year-old can already look back on a successful party career. In November 2019, she became vice president and spokeswoman for women’s affairs for the Green Party. He has also been in parliament since this year’s general election. Born in 1994 in Filderstadt, Baden-Württemberg, Long joined the party at the age of 18. He did not complete the law degree he started in 2012. Long was the leader of the Green Youth from 2017 to 2019.

As a party vice president, she is particularly committed to issues such as feminism, diversity and right-wing anti-strategies. In addition, he is involved in health and care policy. Social justice, combined with climate protection, is another focus of the woman who grew up with a mother. The experience of being a social worker in a women’s shelter would have motivated him to go into politics.

“I stand for justice,” Long told RND newspapers on Monday. “People like my mom will be easier in the future,” she said. Regardless of the topic – the appearances of the eloquent green politician will always be dedicated and fighting.

Green: New answers after Barbach and Hebek

In an interview with the broadcaster, Long pointed to the fact that despite the successful period under Robert Hebeck and Annalena Barbach, the party needs to be restructured. “NTV” Clear. “Both had the right answers for 2018, but the party needs new answers in 2021,” he said.

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Regarding the participation of the Greens in government, Long stressed: “In the future there will be no center of power in the party.” There will be “different roles and different centers of power”. He added: “The important thing is that we work closely together to fulfill our mission for socio-environmental change.”

Incompetent comments below the belt against Long on the web

His offensive behavior causes a lot of nods to Long on social media, and many comments are personal. Even after the announcement of his candidacy for the post of party leader, there were many inappropriate, sometimes offensive comments under related posts on Twitter against Long’s appearance.

Unfortunately, hatred and evil are not new to Lang. The Green politician said last summer that the goal was to calm women down. “You have no problem with a headache unless it turns into frustration and rebellion,” he insists. Related comments will be displayed.

Would be “happy” to work with Nuripur

As leader of the Green Party, Long, a member of the party’s left, wants to “hold the whole party together.” He told RND newspapers: “You are always the leader of the whole party, not a part.” Long looks forward to possible collaboration with Green Realo Nouripour. “With him I can imagine it better.” Together they can lead the party “honestly and cooperatively”.

Nuripur wrote on Twitter on Monday that Long “is a smart and strong woman running for the presidency of the Greens”. It would be a “pleasure” for him to lead “this big party” with her.